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Existence means presence, presence that’s detected and/or experienced :
The existent things in and around  experienced by human senses; human being a living creature,itself means a form of existence
The existent things detected by things based on technology
It means ‘something’.
It is one existent form experiencing/detecting the same or a different existent form.

The universe-at-present is a vast collection of diverse existent forms and all that existent in and around us are in totality, the universe.When it is said that the universe includes all the existent,it goes without saying that it includes a percentage of existent that’s detected and/or experienced and a percentage of existent that is undetected,also.Of course,finding ‘existence’ depends on what we humans can experience with our senses and what our technology can detect.

Now,the universe means existence;does it include non-existence?does it include other-existence also?  lets analyze->

All that we can experience and detect with the aid of technology does not mean we have captured all of the existent around us,near and far away.And also,when nothing is experienced,when nothing is detected it is not necessarily non-existence.

Why ?

A)There might be many existent things which have not been experienced/detected by us either because they just cannot be experienced at all or there is a deficiency of technological advancement in our knowledge base which whenever filled up,enables us to experience those


B)it’s the other-existence

Only after ruling out A) and B) one can safely call it non-existence

So,does this universe include other-existence and non-existence in it’s existence ?
In short , an individual & the entire world around her[experienced,detected,undetected and hence unknown] is the Universe.

What’s this universe,let’s get introduced to it..

The Universe is all that is  existent. All that’s existent is all that we can experience with our senses,detect using the technology and wise to consider the possibility of some of the existent remaining undetected even with the technology either because they can’t be detected at all or because of the need of advancement of technology in order to detect those;this means ourselves & every existent thing around us,near and far away are part of existence. In short , an individual & the entire world around her [experienced, detected,undetected and hence unknown] is the Universe.

Existence means Something and Non-existence means Nothing ! Logic preaches  “something always has to be made of something”          

Logic(logicality) All of the existent must have been made of something which in turn must have been made of something else and so on……the fact that all of the existent can be segmented (broken/divided) & till the stage of extremely small-sized pieces not only substantiates the claim of Logic,but also enlightens us that in reality,there is only a small-sized thing existent and not a big-sized thing , in fact all the big  in this universe are made of small ones. These small ones constitute all the existent of the present day universe and can be simply termed ‘the stuff.

Universe is a collection of wide variety of entities
In short,the present day Universe can be understood as having many objects & mediums over a vast expanse,of diverse varieties.  

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