Imagination’s contribution to the Dynamism in the Nature

Imagination by allowing us to explore things in our mind helps in synthesizing the ideas which might make us develop the existing things and can make us create new things out of matter.

Imagination therefore helps in extracting the hidden ideas and helps in transforming the matter constantly-this will in turn, constantly change the Reality.

The constant change is nothing but Dynamism and Dynamism defines time and everything else in this Universe.

So,Imagination does play a great role in this nature by helping the man constantly change the reality and maintain the dynamism in this part of the nature


Introducing Thinking :

What is Thinking ?

What does Thinking do ?

-Thinking is a process that happens within the  Brain

It produces Knowledge about anything…

Knowledge means Answers,Reasons,Principles,Solutions,

Concepts,Ideas ; and all of these,alone or together actually

make the Information about something or anything for that

matter !

How does Thinking produce knowledge ?


A Person in the awake state…

A Question about something can be asked by someone


A Question can be asked by himself : Lets say some Question arises in his mind itself

It can be a Doubt or some Confusion about something or

the need to know the Reason for something or

the need to find a Solution for a Problem or maybe

the need of more clarity about something or also,

it can be the need of better understanding about a topic

and so on…..

The Thinking process starts…

Simultaneously the Imagination process also starts…



Answer (or Reason or clarity or say, better understanding) will be produced by the Thinking process

How does thinking produce any or all of  the above ?

What actually happens during the Thinking process………?

Thinking happens for a while and the answer will be produced.

what happens during thinking ?

During thinking there occurs-



3)Using all the found out information to build the answer.

Finally the Answer (Knowledge) so produced or synthesized using the information pieces from the

displayed pictures and videos is stored and it becomes the part of the Memory Box.