Who is doing this journey

IMG_0838-001Dr.Manju Jayasimha PJ , India

I love to explore the diverse variety of entities in this nature,love to share the details of my exploration here.

I am also a medical doctor.

This knowledge is excitement for me,would like to share my excitement with others,the excitement caused in others due to this knowledge sharing will give me happiness and will only increase my levels of excitement.

I might be right,i might be wrong. Logicality is my only guiding light in this journey.I have learnt that Nothing can defy logicality.

To learn about things in nature,one can refer the established knowledge base like books,videos or learn from others.I chose to learn myself since  a few years as that proved to be the best.So the imagination ,thinking , memory , logicality aspects invented and incorporated within every human being have been enabling this product of nature to synthesize the knowledge about the nature! The nature plays the game, we all are merely players in this game.

This is my attempt  in rediscovering the already discovered and could also be discovering the undiscovered,of this nature. I have been traveling this nature exploration journey since a few years and through this blog , i would like to share the ‘already synthesized’ and ‘being synthesized’ regularly  in small installments.

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