What’s Pabsticnets

This blog is an output of my journey in to this nature to rediscover the discovered,discover the undiscovered.

In this journey of exploring the vast and diverse nature,there are questions about everything in nature and there are reasons,answers for all those questions.But the questioning never ends and the answers are always present for those never-ending questions;  questions and answers are cleverly hidden in the nature,only waiting to be extracted by the imagination and thinking of the brain(which in itself being the product of nature).Questions and doubts lead us to reasons,answers,ideas and also to the awareness of Principles and Concepts instilled in this nature.

Curiosity and desire for obtaining answer which brings excitement with it do the job of nature-exploration-journey perfectly and manufactures the needed answers,reasons which is the final goal of the job.


So the output of journey includes Answers, Thoughts, Ideas, Principles, Concepts, Reasons and Questions related to an explored entity(ies) of mother nature. All the above output, in short mean knowledge . Pabsticnets is a pool of the synthesized knowledge during my journey.

In trying to really understand how much exploration is over and how much is yet to be done,it is in other words trying to know how much of knowledge is synthesized and how much is pending to be synthesized. Even if it’s 1 percent of journey and it has accomplished some extent of rediscovering  and discovering , the need to rediscover more and the ‘list of undiscovered’  keeps on increasing , probably because of our wrong estimation of the quantity of knowledge in nature and also because the new things keep getting added even before our exploration of the existing list is done !  Thanks to Dynamism in the nature !!

Dynamism (Constant change) has been,is and will be the main theme in this universe which keeps on causing origin,evolution,destruction of more and more entities and therefore the dimensions of knowledge sphere also keep on changing.The exploration has no limits and the same is true for knowledge to be synthesized.

This journey  that may be just 1 percent accomplished or the journey that has just begun,surely a fascinating journey that will never end…And the knowledge sphere,it has no limits it keeps on growing, promising never-ending excitement turns anyone towards exploring it for lifelong,without complaining ; After all,who wants the curiosity,excitement to end.

And the effect of mesmerizing large quantity of knowledge and dynamism in the nature is that  something that is right today might become wrong tomorrow,after being proved wrong it may again be proved right day after tomorrow ; we never know , an endless number of possibilities in the nature !!!

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