Similarity further explaining the diversity

Since the type of building block being the same in all the things of nature(-matter ) ; and  just a few number of elements have been used in building trillions of varieties of things in this nature,there has to be similarity between everything,there has to be a link or relation between everything..

Everything is related to every other thing of this nature in one or the other way..everything has to be related,logically..we have to look at the interdisciplinary nature of the academic disciplines to understand how things are closely related and cant be confined with clear cut boundaries

1)we usually compare something with the another thing when there is a similarity between two..

2)we travel or loaf around in the dreaming because of the similarity link between things..

3)we remember a related something from our memory when we see,hear,feel a particular thing or a creature and this is because of   the relationship(similarity) between the two- the  thing seen or felt and the remembered thing from the memory…

These three facts explain that we compare things because of the fact that similarity exists between the things compared..The fact that we compare,alone,can explain the presence of relationship, linkage, similarity

And so the similarity exists and the evidence for it

-lies in our act of comparing things

-lies in the process of remembrance

-lies in the way of traveling in the dream

This similarity itself tells us that everything of this nature are not separate entities but a single large entity(all put together) and there have to be very few principles used to build everything-this nature,given the universality of similarity,which in other words only mean that

similarity is the feature of this nature.

Therefore,it can be concluded that the world consisting of many many varieties of things ,is actually built on a few number of principles,surprisingly!!!

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