Further explaining the wide variety of things in the Nature

The total number of principles used to build this nature-the universe is a finite number;astonishingly a small number of principles. what clearly explains the infinite knowledge,diversity then?

There are so many disciplines-academic and non academic..each being huge plus very dynamic-new knowledge keeps getting added…each field of study/training requiring many many years of study, research..and still ‘everything,at least in one discipline is known’ is never reached…

There are about 120 to 130 elements used to build this nature..still there are widely varying varieties of things on earth and beyond earth…on earth itself, there are millions of varieties of plants and animals and many varieties of man made things..

A small number of types of elements giving rise to astonishingly large number(many many trillions and more) of types of things in this whole of nature…

All these things will be differing only in the

– appearance

-purpose served

-feel , etc

but not in the nature of building blocks-it is matter (atoms) everywhere..they only vary in


-specific types of elements

-their proportion and state of matter

so,this is accomplished through the permutations and combinations.quantity and proportions ,percentages,etc of mathematics..

Mathematics is used to build this nature with many trillions of varieties of things using around a hundred number of elements only.

Mathematics is like an imaginary thread used to build(plan) this nature;imaginary means the formless or structure-less thing..

The formless things do exist but with the help of those which have form.

Similarity further explaining the diversity

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