What explains the Diverse variety of things in the Nature?

If the world is built using a surprisingly small number of principles What actually explains the diverse variety of things in the nature ?Maybe , the things that constitute the Nature are different only in the appearance and functioning !

Let’s remind ourselves that all these things that the nature is having OR all these things of diverse variety that together constitute the  nature – are made of Matter ( and therefore all the things have same building blocks ; atoms!).

 But still , the appearance and functioning are different and so , things are of different types…There are a wide variety of things in this nature.

 So,what explains this diversity within the nature ?

When a method or a principle  is used many times i.e., in building many things,how can the things constituting  nature be of so many varieties ? They should have been of  just a few varieties!! But as we know the nature has a wide variety of things and aspects in it. And also , there are a vast number of things of different varieties in this nature.

It must have been possible to build the vast number of varieties in the nature because of usage of Mathematics in it’s construction. Like,the permutations and combinations must have been used to build/construct the wide spectrum of things and aspects in this nature (from a small number of methods and principles).

 Mathematics is that closely integrated in the nature. Mathematics might be actually formless having not been constituted by particle matter and having only imaginary outlines,but it gains the form by those things participating within its imaginary outlines..

 This universe is full of probabilities,permutations and combinations..!!!

Mathematics was first used to construct the ‘nature with diverse things’. And man has now ,  just copied this mathematics for his own needs…

So,The result is creation of different varieties of things in the nature in spite of usage of a small number of methods and principles.

Further explaining the wide variety of things in the Nature

 The world is built on a few principles – How ?  Why this conclusion ?

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