The Excitement in exploring this Nature never ends

–>Questions,Answers,Ideas,Reasons,Concepts,Principles are got from our mind by imagination and thinking,but ultimately it is this nature-the reality,that has built our mind.And so,the Reality is the actual source of all the knowledge !!

 ->The Nature has cleverly hidden the big treasure of answers,ideas in things and aspects of our life that we think and neglect as unimportant ;The Clever Nature!

 ->The knowledge city that can be built about Nature is unimaginably huge and is dynamic,the boundaries of this city keep growing. Whatever the knowledge that we could build about Nature,is all because of the storage function of the brain that had stored the nature in itself.

->Dynamism-the constant change in the position of particle or a cluster of particles of matter is the one word explaination for everything in this Universe.This Matter without Dynamism has no sense.Contributing to the Dynamism of this Universe is very much probably our purpose !

 ->The Nature has made us understand that everything is important, in fact, equally important.

 ->Everything existing is useful and has a purpose ; Even the stupid things serve a great purpose.

->The Nature has made sure that we keep doing something or the other every moment.

 ->The Nature has built itself extraordinarily huge,amazingly diverse and with fascinating and mesmerizing contents BUT all this on an astonishingly few number of principles and ideas !

 ->The Nature has made us reveal the fact for ourselves that whatever we did till now, whatever we are doing now,whatever we will be doing in the future-are just the things that nature already has in it and so, we had been doing nothing other than mimicking the nature in every possible way,has stunned us and has made us realize ‘what else can we do other than mimicking it’!!!

 ->Everything can happen in this universe,it is a world full of probabilities…

 ->Mathematics is closely integrated in building this Nature.This Diverse Nature built on a few principles and ideas is with the usage of permutations and combinations.

 ->The Nature has shocked us by making us understand that we might not be able to know anything about the world outside this world,if that world is not made of matter; Forget about visualizing it,we probably won’t be able to even think or imagine it; and when we cant travel to that world and live there, we cant even die there.

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