The World is built on few principles,ideas and methods

The nature is vast,diverse,amazing.It has a wide variety of things and aspects in it.Many already discovered,many remain undiscovered.It is always very exciting to explore this nature as it has endless secrets,astonishing and mesmerizing aspects.Anyone will be thrilled by it,such is the way nature is built.Let’s get on to a few such interesting and exciting aspects.

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Even though the nature has so many different things and aspects and so many of them unexplored,even though nature is so vast that one can never accomplish the complete understanding of it in her entire lifetime,the Nature is astonishingly built using an incomparably few number of principles,ideas and methods.

We use a method to build something,similarly nature is also built using some methods.When we see that the nature has a great number of diverse things and aspects in it,we might think that there would have been usage of a great number of principles,ideas and methods to build so many different things and aspects! Such a big knowledge city we already have.So,it is natural to think that way.But surprisingly, astonishingly there may not be many principles,ideas,methods used in nature’s construction.There might be just a countable number of principles,ideas,methods used in this mega construction.

Naturally,the next question would be –how can the nature be so diverse if there are only a few number of principles,ideas,methods used in it’s construction?

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