One quick look at the present-day Universe

The  present-day universe is a vast and amazingly diverse collection  of objects,structures,materials & mediums.Universe is a collection of wide variety of entities

The Universe means  Existence and that  means ‘Something’. In the present-day universe ‘Something’ can be seen as quadrillions of objects,structures and mediums over the vast expanse;Non-existence or ‘Nothing’ being the absence of something.
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Objects are aggregations of ‘the stuff’ (e.g.planets,stars) whereas mediums mean ‘the stuff’ in non-aggregated form(emitted,exploded material).The Objects and structures are built using ‘n’ number of ideas,the permutations and combinations of those ideas,thereby making universe an existence of diverse variety of entities ; and more thrilling aspect is that this amazingly vast and un-limitedly diverse universe seems to have been built using an incomparably few number of ideas & principles 

Objects and mediums

What can be witnessed throughout the universe is ‘Constant Change’ (Dynamism) through the events of  Construction(creations happen constantly),Modification of constructed(constant evolution of the created ones),Destruction of constructed or modified ; all of which happen because of the ‘Constant Change in the Particle(s) Position’ (CCPP) in the stuff that constitutes pre-construction material, constructed ones,constantly modified ones.

CCPP means Movement of the particle or a group of particles , CCPP which is the cause of constant change in universe, is the one word answer for everything of this universe and the universe itself ! The reason why constant change can be witnessed throughout the universe is because Constant change is the mantra and purpose of ‘the stuff’ and it’s avatar-the universe,it goes on creating various ideas(inventions),also causes permutations & combinations of those ideas resulting in newer ideas and thereby causing and propagating the diversity.

Time is a feature of this Universe ; Past, Present,Future.Whether time has eternity tagged to it or not is yet to be explored.Constant change gives meaning and value to ‘time’ !

The Knowledge Sphere which is the information pool of this universe, keeps growing and evolving with the constantly changing universe.The knowledge sphere is a living creature’s understanding of the universe.

The present-day universe is simply a mesmerizing museum of lots of ideas(those preserved ones among the pool of inventions that happened),permutations and combinations of those ideas
an ‘everything-is-possible’ plus ‘constantly working’ laboratory for further invention of more and more ideas,for creating more mixtures of such invented ones,thereby propagating the created diversity…that’s it !!

Universe=Existence= Something What is existence ?
Universe=Existence= Something
What is existence ? what about non-existence ?

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