The world is built on a few principles – How ?

The fact that we compare two things , is itself the superb explanation for ‘Nature is built on few principles’.

 Comparison happens because of presence of similarities between the things.

And similarities indicate : presence of something in common in the compared things.

Something in common might be –






Constituents and so on in the compared things.

 Presence of something in common indicates what ?

 For example-two objects having the similar way of functioning

~(1) The camera with its lens and film/disc…

~(2) An eye along with the brain

– where image capture and storage takes place

Here it can be understood that both function or work in the similar way.

 Lets consider that (1) and (2) are built / constructed / made…

It can be said now that the idea or principle used in the making of (1) and (2) resulting in this particular functioning are the same or almost similar.

But constituents of (1) and (2) are different.

There are other aspects in (1) and (2) that are different.

So, (1) and (2) are similar in some aspects and differ in some other.

Since they differ also apart from being similar , they can be considered also as two different things.

AND we know how commonly comparison happens in our everyday life , So many times…Can we keep a count of it-nearly impossible!

It is true that comparison happens many times in a day of everyone’s life , then what does this indicate?

Presence of similarities in between many things of our life…

When similarities are encountered between the things by everyone at every place where he/she works,in the different fields of study/training, it indicates that similarities are present everywhere…and encountered by everyone..

And therefore comparison happens very frequently…

 If comparison is so frequent and universal , then everything is related to every other thing in one or the other way.

 The nature has in it , all interrelated things though the extent of relationship varies

Relationship means similarity

 And as mentioned above , similarity indicates similar  principle/idea usage in the making of things.

 Frequency and Universality of Similarity (Relationship) and Comparison only tell us what was said earlier : ‘The whole world is built on a few number of principles’ and then the diverse appearance of things in nature is accomplished by integration of mathematics.

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