Existence means presence, presence that’s detected and/or experienced : The existent things in and around  experienced by human senses; human being a living creature,itself means a form of existence The existent things detected by things based on technology It means ‘something’. It is one existent form experiencing/detecting the same or a different existent form. The universe-at-present is […]

The Imagination was born just before the Reality was born !

The Past happened before it really happened A Star,a Planet,The Life….These were born before they were really born. They were born in the Imagination before they were born in the Reality. It happened in Imagination before it happened in the Reality. And it happened in imagination only just before it really happened,in the reality ! The Imagination […]

One quick look at the present-day Universe

The  present-day universe is a vast and amazingly diverse collection  of objects,structures,materials & mediums. The Universe means  Existence and that  means ‘Something’. In the present-day universe ‘Something’ can be seen as quadrillions of objects,structures and mediums over the vast expanse;Non-existence or ‘Nothing’ being the absence of something. See more on Existence Objects are aggregations of ‘the stuff’ […]

What’s this universe,let’s get introduced to it..

The Universe is all that is  existent. All that’s existent is all that we can experience with our senses,detect using the technology and wise to consider the possibility of some of the existent remaining undetected even with the technology either because they can’t be detected at all or because of the need of advancement of technology in order to […]

The Excitement in exploring this Nature never ends

–>Questions,Answers,Ideas,Reasons,Concepts,Principles are got from our mind by imagination and thinking,but ultimately it is this nature-the reality,that has built our mind.And so,the Reality is the actual source of all the knowledge !!  ->The Nature has cleverly hidden the big treasure of answers,ideas in things and aspects of our life that we think and neglect as unimportant ;The Clever Nature!  ->The knowledge city […]

The World is built on few principles,ideas and methods

The nature is vast,diverse,amazing.It has a wide variety of things and aspects in it.Many already discovered,many remain undiscovered.It is always very exciting to explore this nature as it has endless secrets,astonishing and mesmerizing aspects.Anyone will be thrilled by it,such is the way nature is built.Let’s get on to a few such interesting and exciting aspects. […]

Similarity further explaining the diversity

Since the type of building block being the same in all the things of nature(-matter ) ; and  just a few number of elements have been used in building trillions of varieties of things in this nature,there has to be similarity between everything,there has to be a link or relation between everything.. Everything is related to every […]

Further explaining the wide variety of things in the Nature

The total number of principles used to build this nature-the universe is a finite number;astonishingly a small number of principles. what clearly explains the infinite knowledge,diversity then? There are so many disciplines-academic and non academic..each being huge plus very dynamic-new knowledge keeps getting added…each field of study/training requiring many many years of study, research..and still ‘everything,at least in one […]

What explains the Diverse variety of things in the Nature?

If the world is built using a surprisingly small number of principles What actually explains the diverse variety of things in the nature ?Maybe , the things that constitute the Nature are different only in the appearance and functioning ! Let’s remind ourselves that all these things that the nature is having OR all these things of diverse […]

The world is built on a few principles – How ?

The fact that we compare two things , is itself the superb explanation for ‘Nature is built on few principles’.  Comparison happens because of presence of similarities between the things. And similarities indicate : presence of something in common in the compared things. Something in common might be – Size Shape Structure Appearance Functioning Constituents and so […]