Existence means presence, presence that’s detected and/or experienced :
The existent things in and around  experienced by human senses; human being a living creature,itself means a form of existence
The existent things detected by things based on technology
It means ‘something’.
It is one existent form experiencing/detecting the same or a different existent form.

The universe-at-present is a vast collection of diverse existent forms and all that existent in and around us are in totality, the universe.When it is said that the universe includes all the existent,it goes without saying that it includes a percentage of existent that’s detected and/or experienced and a percentage of existent that is undetected,also.Of course,finding ‘existence’ depends on what we humans can experience with our senses and what our technology can detect.

Now,the universe means existence;does it include non-existence?does it include other-existence also?  lets analyze->

All that we can experience and detect with the aid of technology does not mean we have captured all of the existent around us,near and far away.And also,when nothing is experienced,when nothing is detected it is not necessarily non-existence.

Why ?

A)There might be many existent things which have not been experienced/detected by us either because they just cannot be experienced at all or there is a deficiency of technological advancement in our knowledge base which whenever filled up,enables us to experience those


B)it’s the other-existence

Only after ruling out A) and B) one can safely call it non-existence

So,does this universe include other-existence and non-existence in it’s existence ?
In short , an individual & the entire world around her[experienced,detected,undetected and hence unknown] is the Universe.

The Imagination was born just before the Reality was born !

The Imagination was born just before the Reality was born-002

The Past happened before it really happened

A Star,a Planet,The Life….These were born before they were really born.

They were born in the Imagination before they were born in the Reality.

It happened in Imagination before it happened in the Reality.

And it happened in imagination only just before it really happened,in the reality !

The Imagination was born 1/10000_______0 th of the second before the Reality was born,

It was only just before the Reality was born,not until then !

One quick look at the present-day Universe

The  present-day universe is a vast and amazingly diverse collection  of objects,structures,materials & mediums.Universe is a collection of wide variety of entities

The Universe means  Existence and that  means ‘Something’. In the present-day universe ‘Something’ can be seen as quadrillions of objects,structures and mediums over the vast expanse;Non-existence or ‘Nothing’ being the absence of something.
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Objects are aggregations of ‘the stuff’ (e.g.planets,stars) whereas mediums mean ‘the stuff’ in non-aggregated form(emitted,exploded material).The Objects and structures are built using ‘n’ number of ideas,the permutations and combinations of those ideas,thereby making universe an existence of diverse variety of entities ; and more thrilling aspect is that this amazingly vast and un-limitedly diverse universe seems to have been built using an incomparably few number of ideas & principles 

Objects and mediums

What can be witnessed throughout the universe is ‘Constant Change’ (Dynamism) through the events of  Construction(creations happen constantly),Modification of constructed(constant evolution of the created ones),Destruction of constructed or modified ; all of which happen because of the ‘Constant Change in the Particle(s) Position’ (CCPP) in the stuff that constitutes pre-construction material, constructed ones,constantly modified ones.

CCPP means Movement of the particle or a group of particles , CCPP which is the cause of constant change in universe, is the one word answer for everything of this universe and the universe itself ! The reason why constant change can be witnessed throughout the universe is because Constant change is the mantra and purpose of ‘the stuff’ and it’s avatar-the universe,it goes on creating various ideas(inventions),also causes permutations & combinations of those ideas resulting in newer ideas and thereby causing and propagating the diversity.

Time is a feature of this Universe ; Past, Present,Future.Whether time has eternity tagged to it or not is yet to be explored.Constant change gives meaning and value to ‘time’ !

The Knowledge Sphere which is the information pool of this universe, keeps growing and evolving with the constantly changing universe.The knowledge sphere is a living creature’s understanding of the universe.

The present-day universe is simply a mesmerizing museum of lots of ideas(those preserved ones among the pool of inventions that happened),permutations and combinations of those ideas
an ‘everything-is-possible’ plus ‘constantly working’ laboratory for further invention of more and more ideas,for creating more mixtures of such invented ones,thereby propagating the created diversity…that’s it !!

Universe=Existence= Something What is existence ?
Universe=Existence= Something
What is existence ? what about non-existence ?

Go to  What’s this universe,let’s get introduced to it

What’s this universe,let’s get introduced to it..

The Universe is all that is  existent. All that’s existent is all that we can experience with our senses,detect using the technology and wise to consider the possibility of some of the existent remaining undetected even with the technology either because they can’t be detected at all or because of the need of advancement of technology in order to detect those;this means ourselves & every existent thing around us,near and far away are part of existence. In short , an individual & the entire world around her [experienced, detected,undetected and hence unknown] is the Universe.

[popup url=”http://pabsticnets.in/?p=124″ height=”300″ width=”300″ scrollbars=”0″]Existence[/popup] means Something and Non-existence means Nothing ! Logic preaches  “something always has to be made of something”          

Logic(logicality) All of the existent must have been made of something which in turn must have been made of something else and so on……the fact that all of the existent can be segmented (broken/divided) & till the stage of extremely small-sized pieces not only substantiates the claim of Logic,but also enlightens us that in reality,there is only a small-sized thing existent and not a big-sized thing , in fact all the big  in this universe are made of small ones. These small ones constitute all the existent of the present day universe and can be simply termed ‘the stuff’.

Universe is a collection of wide variety of entities
In short,the present day Universe can be understood as having many objects & mediums over a vast expanse,of diverse varieties.  

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The Excitement in exploring this Nature never ends

–>Questions,Answers,Ideas,Reasons,Concepts,Principles are got from our mind by imagination and thinking,but ultimately it is this nature-the reality,that has built our mind.And so,the Reality is the actual source of all the knowledge !!

 ->The Nature has cleverly hidden the big treasure of answers,ideas in things and aspects of our life that we think and neglect as unimportant ;The Clever Nature!

 ->The knowledge city that can be built about Nature is unimaginably huge and is dynamic,the boundaries of this city keep growing. Whatever the knowledge that we could build about Nature,is all because of the storage function of the brain that had stored the nature in itself.

->Dynamism-the constant change in the position of particle or a cluster of particles of matter is the one word explaination for everything in this Universe.This Matter without Dynamism has no sense.Contributing to the Dynamism of this Universe is very much probably our purpose !

 ->The Nature has made us understand that everything is important, in fact, equally important.

 ->Everything existing is useful and has a purpose ; Even the stupid things serve a great purpose.

->The Nature has made sure that we keep doing something or the other every moment.

 ->The Nature has built itself extraordinarily huge,amazingly diverse and with fascinating and mesmerizing contents BUT all this on an astonishingly few number of principles and ideas !

 ->The Nature has made us reveal the fact for ourselves that whatever we did till now, whatever we are doing now,whatever we will be doing in the future-are just the things that nature already has in it and so, we had been doing nothing other than mimicking the nature in every possible way,has stunned us and has made us realize ‘what else can we do other than mimicking it’!!!

 ->Everything can happen in this universe,it is a world full of probabilities…

 ->Mathematics is closely integrated in building this Nature.This Diverse Nature built on a few principles and ideas is with the usage of permutations and combinations.

 ->The Nature has shocked us by making us understand that we might not be able to know anything about the world outside this world,if that world is not made of matter; Forget about visualizing it,we probably won’t be able to even think or imagine it; and when we cant travel to that world and live there, we cant even die there.

The World is built on few principles,ideas and methods

The nature is vast,diverse,amazing.It has a wide variety of things and aspects in it.Many already discovered,many remain undiscovered.It is always very exciting to explore this nature as it has endless secrets,astonishing and mesmerizing aspects.Anyone will be thrilled by it,such is the way nature is built.Let’s get on to a few such interesting and exciting aspects.

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Even though the nature has so many different things and aspects and so many of them unexplored,even though nature is so vast that one can never accomplish the complete understanding of it in her entire lifetime,the Nature is astonishingly built using an incomparably few number of principles,ideas and methods.

We use a method to build something,similarly nature is also built using some methods.When we see that the nature has a great number of diverse things and aspects in it,we might think that there would have been usage of a great number of principles,ideas and methods to build so many different things and aspects! Such a big knowledge city we already have.So,it is natural to think that way.But surprisingly, astonishingly there may not be many principles,ideas,methods used in nature’s construction.There might be just a countable number of principles,ideas,methods used in this mega construction.

Naturally,the next question would be –how can the nature be so diverse if there are only a few number of principles,ideas,methods used in it’s construction?

Similarity further explaining the diversity

Since the type of building block being the same in all the things of nature(-matter ) ; and  just a few number of elements have been used in building trillions of varieties of things in this nature,there has to be similarity between everything,there has to be a link or relation between everything..

Everything is related to every other thing of this nature in one or the other way..everything has to be related,logically..we have to look at the interdisciplinary nature of the academic disciplines to understand how things are closely related and cant be confined with clear cut boundaries

1)we usually compare something with the another thing when there is a similarity between two..

2)we travel or loaf around in the dreaming because of the similarity link between things..

3)we remember a related something from our memory when we see,hear,feel a particular thing or a creature and this is because of   the relationship(similarity) between the two- the  thing seen or felt and the remembered thing from the memory…

These three facts explain that we compare things because of the fact that similarity exists between the things compared..The fact that we compare,alone,can explain the presence of relationship, linkage, similarity

And so the similarity exists and the evidence for it

-lies in our act of comparing things

-lies in the process of remembrance

-lies in the way of traveling in the dream

This similarity itself tells us that everything of this nature are not separate entities but a single large entity(all put together) and there have to be very few principles used to build everything-this nature,given the universality of similarity,which in other words only mean that

similarity is the feature of this nature.

Therefore,it can be concluded that the world consisting of many many varieties of things ,is actually built on a few number of principles,surprisingly!!!

Further explaining the wide variety of things in the Nature

The total number of principles used to build this nature-the universe is a finite number;astonishingly a small number of principles. what clearly explains the infinite knowledge,diversity then?

There are so many disciplines-academic and non academic..each being huge plus very dynamic-new knowledge keeps getting added…each field of study/training requiring many many years of study, research..and still ‘everything,at least in one discipline is known’ is never reached…

There are about 120 to 130 elements used to build this nature..still there are widely varying varieties of things on earth and beyond earth…on earth itself, there are millions of varieties of plants and animals and many varieties of man made things..

A small number of types of elements giving rise to astonishingly large number(many many trillions and more) of types of things in this whole of nature…

All these things will be differing only in the

– appearance

-purpose served

-feel , etc

but not in the nature of building blocks-it is matter (atoms) everywhere..they only vary in


-specific types of elements

-their proportion and state of matter

so,this is accomplished through the permutations and combinations.quantity and proportions ,percentages,etc of mathematics..

Mathematics is used to build this nature with many trillions of varieties of things using around a hundred number of elements only.

Mathematics is like an imaginary thread used to build(plan) this nature;imaginary means the formless or structure-less thing..

The formless things do exist but with the help of those which have form.

Similarity further explaining the diversity

What explains the Diverse variety of things in the Nature?

If the world is built using a surprisingly small number of principles What actually explains the diverse variety of things in the nature ?Maybe , the things that constitute the Nature are different only in the appearance and functioning !

Let’s remind ourselves that all these things that the nature is having OR all these things of diverse variety that together constitute the  nature – are made of Matter ( and therefore all the things have same building blocks ; atoms!).

 But still , the appearance and functioning are different and so , things are of different types…There are a wide variety of things in this nature.

 So,what explains this diversity within the nature ?

When a method or a principle  is used many times i.e., in building many things,how can the things constituting  nature be of so many varieties ? They should have been of  just a few varieties!! But as we know the nature has a wide variety of things and aspects in it. And also , there are a vast number of things of different varieties in this nature.

It must have been possible to build the vast number of varieties in the nature because of usage of Mathematics in it’s construction. Like,the permutations and combinations must have been used to build/construct the wide spectrum of things and aspects in this nature (from a small number of methods and principles).

 Mathematics is that closely integrated in the nature. Mathematics might be actually formless having not been constituted by particle matter and having only imaginary outlines,but it gains the form by those things participating within its imaginary outlines..

 This universe is full of probabilities,permutations and combinations..!!!

Mathematics was first used to construct the ‘nature with diverse things’. And man has now ,  just copied this mathematics for his own needs…

So,The result is creation of different varieties of things in the nature in spite of usage of a small number of methods and principles.

Further explaining the wide variety of things in the Nature

 The world is built on a few principles – How ?  Why this conclusion ?

The world is built on a few principles – How ?

The fact that we compare two things , is itself the superb explanation for ‘Nature is built on few principles’.

 Comparison happens because of presence of similarities between the things.

And similarities indicate : presence of something in common in the compared things.

Something in common might be –






Constituents and so on in the compared things.

 Presence of something in common indicates what ?

 For example-two objects having the similar way of functioning

~(1) The camera with its lens and film/disc…

~(2) An eye along with the brain

– where image capture and storage takes place

Here it can be understood that both function or work in the similar way.

 Lets consider that (1) and (2) are built / constructed / made…

It can be said now that the idea or principle used in the making of (1) and (2) resulting in this particular functioning are the same or almost similar.

But constituents of (1) and (2) are different.

There are other aspects in (1) and (2) that are different.

So, (1) and (2) are similar in some aspects and differ in some other.

Since they differ also apart from being similar , they can be considered also as two different things.

AND we know how commonly comparison happens in our everyday life , So many times…Can we keep a count of it-nearly impossible!

It is true that comparison happens many times in a day of everyone’s life , then what does this indicate?

Presence of similarities in between many things of our life…

When similarities are encountered between the things by everyone at every place where he/she works,in the different fields of study/training, it indicates that similarities are present everywhere…and encountered by everyone..

And therefore comparison happens very frequently…

 If comparison is so frequent and universal , then everything is related to every other thing in one or the other way.

 The nature has in it , all interrelated things though the extent of relationship varies

Relationship means similarity

 And as mentioned above , similarity indicates similar  principle/idea usage in the making of things.

 Frequency and Universality of Similarity (Relationship) and Comparison only tell us what was said earlier : ‘The whole world is built on a few number of principles’ and then the diverse appearance of things in nature is accomplished by integration of mathematics.